Runner’s High – Give it to Me

I am not sure if I read about it somewhere, but when I felt it I searched for it. It’s a state of euphoric mind, a state of happiness that cannot be explained, a state of euphoric relaxed body. It is called “Runner’s High”.

It is different from the sense of accomplishment you get when you stick to schedule or overachieve.

When does it kick in ? Not sure, in my case I usually feel it at the end of the run and afterwards. One day it lasted for hours.

Remember not all runs will give you this state of euphoria, but you need to push in your run routine in order to someday it’s gonna hit you and blow your mind.


Afternoon Run ?

FYI if you are preparing for a race or not preparing and willing to take your fitness seriously you need to be on a schedule and not to miss a run.

If you have a busy day you need to try to fit a run at any time, prepare your running stuff at night in a bag to grab it in the morning on the go.

But be prepared, afternoons runs are usually not fun atleast for me, you are usually tired from work and your eating schedule is messed up.

However if it doesn’t pay an immediate reward it will definitely pay later on, when you sit at night and remember that you did it despite everything, this will give you mental power that you need.

And remember in order to get the runners high you need to pay some bad runs sometimes.

Yes it’s Official, I am a 10k Finisher !

Yes it’s official now, I am a 10k Finisher !

Yesterday I couldn’t sleep well, I kept waking up in the middle of the night having mixed feeling of excitement and fear of the 10k. Finally at 7:15 woke up got my coffee checked the news wore my shorts and long sleeve t-shirt ¬†and went down for my challenge.

I was well prepared with my music playlist and started my watch and went down for a slow tempo pace.

After one song I heard the voice in my earphones “Battery Low”, OOOPS.

It means that my blue-tooth earphones will switch off in a couple of minutes, what will I do ? 10k without any music ?! It’s gonna be hard!

Anyways let us continue the run maybe its a sign to listen to your body while running, maybe its better to hear the car sounds for safety, its gonna be better “inshaallah”.

3rd song and the voice came this time “recharge your battery” and silence..

No problem I will remove the earphone put the music on the phone’s speaker as I carry the phone in my running belt.

While crossing Kasr el Nile bridge I heard someone’s steps behind me, I looked back I found a veiled women running.

I kept running very comfortable not really listening to the music as it came from around my waste but gave me the feeling that everything is still okay.

Passing through the famous “Tahrir Square” then into “Talaat Harb” street, I am now seeing a dream coming true, me running in downtown Cairo.

The women behind me approached me asking me where is my destination as she needs to finish her last couple of miles, I told her my route she asked if she can join, I said of course no problem.

We went through downtown together exchanging some running experience and she said good bye once she finished her 10 mile mark.

After looping back again to “kasr el Nile” bridge I still had 3k to finish my 10k challenge, I still felt strong and and started to aim for some negative splits.

A pain started in my right foot arch “always giving me problems”, I said “oh this might be the end ?” However I had this idea of changing my foot strike from midfoot to heel, done the pain went off!

Again I gained power and momentum and finished my last 2k extra strong!

Wow, this is it ! I am now a 10k finisher, I accomplished one of my 2016 goals and 2 long time dreams, running through downtown and finishing a 10k.


Yes you can run without music and it’s nice

Having a company while running makes running easier

Anything is possible !

Tomorrow is a BIG Day

Last time I ran 10k was maybe 25 years ago.

When I started to run again at the age of 37, I had the dream of completing 10K.

I had so many ups and downs in the past 2 years, whenever I increased my mileage I always hit a point and got injured.

Tomorrow is a big day for me, I will try to hit the 10k mark.

I prepared the course on garmin connect, it will not be on my wrist as my garmin smart hr plus does not support it, however I did calculate the distance. I also prepared a course that will pass into downtown Cairo, a course I have been dreaming to run through long time ago.

I got my playlist prepared and ready to go, wish me luck.

Welcome to the Runner’s Reflections Blog

Today I decided to start my new blog “Runner’s Reflections”. Since I started running 2 years ago, I got so many thoughts and reflections that I wanted to share with everyone.

Of course this blog is on running, on the LOVE of running, but it is also on reflections while running and reflections on life.